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보컬의 멘트처럼 야곱과 같이 나도 변화될 수 있을까..

하나님의 터치가 있다면 마른 가지가 다시금 결실을

맺을 수 있을텐데.. (Thrive)


Concert를 보면 부르는 이의 간절함이 잘 드러난다.

나에겐 이런 간절함 조차 금새 시들어버리는거 같다.

나이가 들어간다는 증거인가?

가끔 이런 노래라도 들어야... 절망의 시궁창이나

포로 수용소 같은데서 땅파고 있는 내 자신을 돌아

보게되는거 같다.

lift me up
wash me clean
hold me close
touch me alive
-- Pdmshift 2003-5-22 2:31


제목: Thrive

Down here in the valley
Every shadow You see
Has its own story
Down here in the valley
Every puddle of mud
Comes from tears and blood
And it's so hard just to get warm
That the chill turns into despair

Will You lift me up with tender care?
Will You wash me clean in the palm of Your hand?
Will You hold me close so I can thrive?
When You touch me, that's when I know I'm alive

Down here in the valley
 Nothing's able to grow
'Cause the light's too low
Folks spend their days
Digging 'round for diamonds and gold
'Til they just get old
And they don't know anything else
They don't know they're breathing bad air
But I'm tired of living like this
And my soul cries out, "If You're there...

Call me up to Your side
Draw me up to Your light
Let it blind me
Lord, refine me
Refine me out of my mind

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